Sunday, August 23, 2009

Radio...someone still loves you!

Almer loves radio!

Yesterday he was the happiest person in the world when he came across the new radio station in LA. This new station plays the music he loves (mostly rock from the 70's) and has minimal ads.  
It reminds him of his favorite stations in France and the U.K. (FIP Radio in Paris and BBC3)

Now he is a very happy camper! The new station is called 100.3 THE SOUND (click here to check it out live on web!)

Happy listening!

p.s. by the way, pictured is his old Marantz tuner and special antenna, pre-amp, speakers for high fidelity listening, etc.... as his audiophile friends would say "the sound is great and not at all fatiguing"....hahaha!

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