Monday, December 14, 2009

Spotlight on Kenny Hill Guitars

In the past few months I have received many emails inquiring about my guitar. Therefore, I thought I would take the time to introduce you to one of the best American luthiers, Mr. Kenny Hill. I have been playing my stand-up model Kenny Hill for the past two years and have fallen in love with it. It suits me very well because of its beautiful and well-balanced sound. It is very easy to play, has a comfortable neck, and since it is a double-top, it responses quickly making live performance very enjoyable. I like this stand-up model because I had back surgery a few years ago. This makes practicing much easier and relieves tension in my back. It is also aesthetically better for our duo, putting both Jessica and I on the same level.

For more info about Kenny and his fantastic instruments click here. He also has a great blog with a lot of valuable information about guitar-related subjects.

Enjoy the photos of Kenny and I and my guitar!