Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Great Chamber Music Venue in SoCal!

Dear friends and fellow musicians,

We wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to a brand new concert series in the LA area. Marilyn Sanguinet is bringing chamber music to Riverside at the Air Force Village West in their beautiful on-site chapel. We felt it was very important to bring some attention to this series for a variety of reasons. Firstly, Marilyn is extremely organized and is a musician herself and knows what it takes to create a pleasant experience for both the performers as well as the audience memebrs. It is through her love of music and lack of chamber music in her community that prompted her to start the series. She is a joy to work with! Secondly, the venue is beautiful and the acousitics are great. It is an intimate chapel that seats about 140. It is interesting to note that the residents themselves raised the money to build the chapel on their property, so you can imagine the special meaning it has for them. In addition, they have a state of the art recording equipment on site and provide an engineer. You receive a great video recording with multiple camera angles! It's quite impressive! Lastly, the audience is simply wonderful. They were so polite, attentive and appreciative. They were eager to hear something new and broaden their knowledge of classical music! It was a terrific experience and a truly wonderful afternoon. If any of our friends in chamber music would like more info about the series please send us an email and we will forward you Marilyn's contact info!

Thanks for reading!

Jessica and Almer