Saturday, August 29, 2009

Two New Reviews!

Our CD, 'Debut' was recorded in 2006 and yet we are very pleased that we still receive some very nice reviews. Our latest release, 'After Hours' has just begun to be reviewed and we thought we'd share these two latest ones we came across! Thanks to all for supporting this CD and our music in general!!





AlmaNova - "Debut"PrintE-mail
Written by Jim Langabeer

Alma Nova "debut" Jessica Pierce on flutePure musical pleasure is the result of this masterful combination of Jessica Pierce's flute and Almer Imamovic's guitar. Both performers are passionate players and give breath-taking performances in their original combinations of classical and romantic music and Bosnian love songs and lively dances.

The duo started while they were both students at the famed Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris, and has flowered in the course of major world tours and highly praised concerts. In style, they take time to state and develop the many melodies and rhythmic energies with impeccable techniques, and yet retain a relaxed, restrained purity of sound.

On this recording the pair make judicious use of added hand percussion from Jim Coffin, and a little instrumental overdubbing, but maintain an acoustic sensibility throughout. For variety, inspiration, and listener enjoyment this collection of ten arrangements sets high standards for a flute and guitar ensemble program. Unreservedly recommended.


AlmaNova "After Hours," 2009 Flautist Jessica Pierce and guitarist Almer Imamovic perform as AlmaNova. This CD features music influenced by Macedonian folk traditions, including several original pieces. The liner notes convey the significance of each piece, e.g., one written for a child, another for a friend’s wedding. The disc opens with Imamovic’s composition, "Bosna Nova," an uptempo piece combining Eastern melodies connected by bluegrass-flavored guitar runs. "Bitola" follows, its simple presentation resulting in a moving performance. Imamovic overdubs multiple parts on the title track, with one low-voiced guitar imitating the Balkan saz. On the traditional Macedonian song, "Zajdi, Zajdi", the musicians take time to develop a plaintive yet alternately wistful mood. On each selection, Jessica Pierce’s flute trades melodic statements with the guitar, each perfectly complementing the other. This CD is very much a personal project for AlmaNova, and it’s one that pays off for the listener. © Patrick Ragains

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Radio...someone still loves you!

Almer loves radio!

Yesterday he was the happiest person in the world when he came across the new radio station in LA. This new station plays the music he loves (mostly rock from the 70's) and has minimal ads.  
It reminds him of his favorite stations in France and the U.K. (FIP Radio in Paris and BBC3)

Now he is a very happy camper! The new station is called 100.3 THE SOUND (click here to check it out live on web!)

Happy listening!

p.s. by the way, pictured is his old Marantz tuner and special antenna, pre-amp, speakers for high fidelity listening, etc.... as his audiophile friends would say "the sound is great and not at all fatiguing"....hahaha!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The best Indian food in town!

Jessica and I are not native Pasadenians...but it is places like the New Delhi Palace that make us feel at home.  This is the best Indian food on the planet and it is run by the most friendly and kind people.  Every time we come to this great place we are greeted like family and we just wanted to share this with you all.  If you're ever in Pasadena and not joining us at our house for Jessica's culinary adventures in Bosnian cuisine (more to come about this later....), then be sure to treat yourself to New Delhi Palace.  
We recommend the Chicken Tikka Masala and and Channa Masala with garlic naan and rice. For the beer drinkers, Almer takes the KingFisher LARGE!!!

Here's the link to their website and directions:


Guitar on BBC!

Great stories about guitar legends featuring videos of them sharing their guitar licks, techniques and secrets to their unique sound. Check this link!