Sunday, October 26, 2008

REVIEW of 'Classic Giuliani'

We were really excited and honored to come across this great review of our latest release, 'Classic Giuliani'.  It comes from the online resources for CD's, Minor 7th and was written by James Scott.  Please read and hope you enjoy!  Ps...if you haven't already, you can purchase your copy from our website

AlmaNova's second release, "Classic Giuliani," offers  masterful interpretations of the late Italian guitar virtuoso's enduring work.  AlmaNova is an innovative duo consisting of American flutist, Jessica Pierce and Bosnian guitarist, Almer Imamovic.  Both musicians are classically trained and faithfully perform Giuliani's cannon with both grace and passion.  Jessica Pierce's virtuosic flute is prominently featured throughout this recording.  Her rich, warm intonation draws the listener deeper into each composition.  Imamovic's supportive pianistic approach is also noteworthy, providing an excellent backdrop for his partner's melodic cadenzas.  The guitarist also creates intricate rhythmic patterns and dazzling solo flights demonstrating a solid fluency on his instrument.  Together the two eloquently produce impeccable performances of classical music which are sure to please even the most discerning listeners of this genre.