Friday, November 4, 2016

And the Coolest Kid Award goes to...... KASEY!!!

One of the wonderful things about running music school is the opportunity to get to know so many amazing young people!  Aside from being musical, the amount of talent and achievement in all areas is astounding!  I was yet again taken by surprise when one of our favorite pianists, Kasey,  came back from a trip to NYC.....little did I know the trip was because she and her production partner Makenna tied for second place in the 9 to 13 category in the Peace in the Street Global Film Festival Competition for their video, KINDNESS. They were invited to the UN for the award ceremony which took place on October 28.

Please take the time to celebrate with me this amazing accomplishment by CLICKING HERE to watch her creation!  It will give you hope for a better world to come with a whole new generation of young people already making their mark and creating their positive future!  

Kasey, you are a ROCK STAR!!!

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