Monday, May 9, 2011

Student Spotlight!

There is nothing more satisfying to an instructor than to see your students thrive! Last week one of my students, Angie, gave a wonderful recital. Her parents are professional musicians in their homeland of Chile and came to the US for a visit. As a way to commemorate their stay in the US they decided to present a program of flute, bassoon and piano music for their family and friends. Angie worked very hard on the repertoire and amazed everyone in attendance. Besides the wonderful music, it was so touching to see a family of musicians performing together! Almer and I realized this was the true power of is something we all can enjoy and appreciate at any age. Angie's parents gave her a beautiful gift when she was a child and she has carried that gift with her into her adulthood....and now SHE is inspiring her own 4 children!

Congratulations Angie!!!!

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