Tuesday, September 2, 2008

AlmaNova with Ali Ryerson and Maestro Jim Walker at 08 NFA

This year's National Flute Association Convention was especially memorable because it was the year that my flute professor and mentor from USC, Jim Walker, was honored with the Life Time Achievement Award.  For those of you who are not familiar with flute players, Jim is probably one of the few you have heard on a regular basis.  He is the number one flute player for all the movie studios...having played on hundreds of films including Jurassic Park, Forest Gump, and Pirates of the Caribbean.  Not only is he a legend on the classical flute, but he is also one of the most outstanding jazz flutists in the world.  His band 'Free Flight' is a phenomenal group playing an unique blend of jazz and classical music!  Almer and I were very happy to attend this special event...we even got to have a jam session at the Sankyo/Gemstone booth with Jim and the great jazz alto flutist, Ali Ryerson on one of our favorite Chick Corea tunes, Spain!  Enjoy the photos!

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